Environmental Cleanup Soap

SHABONDAMA SOAP is gentle to skin

The number of people who suffers from allergy, atopic dermatitis or chemical sensitivity is increasing year by year. There are various theories for the causes, but it is true that many people has got better from the diseases by washing their bodies and clothes with SHABONDAMA soap.

High quality natural soap is safe to skin.

Environment-friendly Soap

It takes nearly one month for synthetic detergent to be broken down, as it is made from petroleum oil. Instead, it can kill micro-organisms, such as bacterium and sludge worms, which have activity of water purification. As a result, self-purification of water is getting weak, and the pollution in seawater and rivers will get worse. On the other hand, soap can be broken down water and carbon dioxide only for one day. Soap cake will be bait for microorganisms in seawater and rivers, and it can preserve ecosystem and does not contaminate environment.

For Shabondama EM soap series, EM, which stands for effective microorganisms, which have an effect of environmental purification, is used. EM is a unique technology that combines naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms, principally lactic acid bacteria and yeast, which are used for fermented foods. There is a report that EM has an ability to degrade chemicals. Household wastewater, which is a source of environmental pollution, can be a source of purification by EM soap. We are thinking to be a leader to protect people's health and purify global ocean and river by popularizing Shabondama EM Soap.



friendly to the Environment

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