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The Japanese confectionery has very wide variety; whether they are steamed, baked or deep fried. Arare and cracker is baked using rice. Yokan, Jellied bean paste in Japanese, is steamed using azuki beans. Chips is deep fried. In the old documents written in 1839, there were already more than 200 variety of confectionary mentioned. The Japanese has been using wide variety of ingredients with different method of processing to complete the arts of confectionery.


The first Japanese confectionery ever made is said to be rice cracker or rice candy. In the ancient book published in 720AC, it is described how an emperor made rice candy. The Japanese confectionery has been influenced by the culture brought from foreign countries, such as Buddhist monks from China and Christian missionaries from Europe. However, it is sure that Tea ceremony; which has started in the 17th century, contributed to complete the Japanese confectionery culture.


MUSO's crackers and Arare are made from brown rice. Brown rice contains Phytin; which helps to prevent cancer, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis and calculus. Especially for prevention of cancer, numbers of scientists wrote treatises, and is expected for further studies. Phytin also contains dietary fiber that helps to resolve constipation.

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Arare in Japanese means hail. When roasting, it pops and makes sounds like hail. The traditional style Arare is made from dried Mochi by roasting it. MUSO has wide variety of Arare seasoned with various ingredients such as soy sauce, sesame and Nori. They are made from Dried Mochi cut in small pieces and baked. MUSO's rice crackers are made from rice powder by steamed and formed in various shape. MUSO also provides the Japanese traditional candy flavored with sesame, green tea, plum and lotus root.

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