chlorella is evaluated and respected as an ideal wholesome food and health supplement. It is a single-celled fresh water algae that existed even before mankind. Superior to other green foods, it contains well balanced vegetable proteins, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals, highest levels of chlorophyll, with a unique cell wall, C.G.F. (chlorella Growth Factor); all work towards regulating, removing, healing, and normalizing factors for an optimal health.

Yaeyama chlorella

Yaeyama chlorella is cultivated on an island with a subtropical climate in huge outdoor pools using only the suns natural energy in a clean unspoiled natural environment. chlorella that is produced indoors contains much lower levels of chlorophyll and C.G. F. Nutritional Value Because of the ground breaking JET-SPRAY DRY BREAKING CELL technology used in producing Yaeyama chlorella, it is over 80% digestible (certified). Yaeyama chlorella is thoroughly agitated during cultivation and centrifuge cleansed to help create what we believe to be the highest quality and most nutritious chlorella product on the market.


Yaeyama chlorella contains much chlorophyll A and B, and much less pheophorbides which can cause skin allergies in some consumers. Pollution and food impurities can lead to health problems. The rich chlorophyll extracted from Yaeyama chlorella along with the proper amount of water, helps to cleanse the pollution and impurities from your body and promote a healthier well being.


Yaeyama chlorella has a fresh taste and a pleasant natural aroma so there is no need to resort to using capsules or special coatings to cover it up. We guarantee the highest quality product in the world.

Out door pools for cultivation

Jet-spray dry machine

chlorella tablets (200mg)

For end consumers:

chlorella Tablet (200mg)
60g Aluminum pack x 10 x 4 / CTN
chlorella Extract Liquid (C.G.F.)
720ml Glass bottle x 6 / CTN

For whole salers:

chlorella Powder
10kg / CAN & CTN
chlorella Ultra Fine Powder
5kg / CAN & CTN
chlorella Tablet (200mg)
10kg/ CAN & CTN
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