Macrobiotic Specialities

Macrobiotics is not a radical theory or an extreme diet, but it is a basic traditional way of living, providing fundamental principles of how to live in harmony with nature. George Ohsawa, a philosopher and founder of macrobiotics, established the idea as "MUSO principle" by incorporating the traditional Japanese diet and the eastern principle of "Yin" and "Yang."

He was the pioneer who extended the diet regimen to the western world with the purpose of encouraging healthy and long-lasting lives. The basic of the macrobiotic diet lies in organics. It is a natural diet based on unrefined grains and naturally grown vegetables that are local and seasonal. It is a diet and life style that has not only been adopted by the eastern world but by the western world as well. Considered a leading diet for the new era, a variety of fields such as mass media, medicine, education, and food industries all over the world are recognizing its effectiveness.

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