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Albi Plaster & Albi Powder

MUSO's Albi Plaster is made from taro, wheat, and ginger. When used externally, it decreases swelling and heat from inflammation; therefore, it is effective in parotid inflammation, burns, cuts, tumors, etc. Like ginger, taro's birthplace is Japan; it is only grown in the tropical and torrid regions of Japan. Taro was once a staple food in Japan.

According to eastern medicine, taro helps activate intestinal function, removes rushes of blood to the head, and smoothes, nourishes and adds gloss to the skin. It has as much dietary fiber as sweet potato; thus, Albi Plaster can be taken to regulate bowel action and decrease constipation gradually.

How to use

Dentie Tooth Paste & Dentie Tooth Powder

Dentie is a traditional hygienic preparation adapted as a Macrobiotic tooth powder. The darkest of tooth powders, Dentie is made from eggplants roasted thoroughly black. It is then finely ground to produce an excellent tooth powder, as well as medication for wounds or boils. Dentie has an exceptional cleansing ability. It should be applied to painful teeth and gums. As a medicine, it is good for external sores and wounds.

Dentie Tooth Powder Ingredients: Eggplants and Sea SaltDentie Tooth PasteIngredients: Water, Carbonized eggplant, Sea salt, Ethanol, Cellulose gum, Menthol

Dentie tooth care

DAIKON Hiba Leaves

Daikon Hiba is used for hip bath. It is made from the leaves of Japanese radish, called Daikon. Daikon is grown without agricultural chemicals, and the leaves of Daikon are dried in the shade during winter after harvesting. If you take a hip bath with a decoction of Daikon Hiba, it will warm you up, give you healing effects, and be useful for improving your physical condition.

How to use Daikon Hiba Leaves

  1. 1.Pour 3 litters of water into a pot, add 50g of Daikon Hiba and natural salt, and decoct them until brown
  2. 2.Pour the decoction of 1 into a tub. Add hot water to it until the water exceeds the height of the waist when sitting down in the tub. * Please control the water temperature to around 45 degrees.
  3. 3.Soak your waist only, and do not soak your feet.
how tu use

You can wear a top and socks. In order to avoid steam escaping, it is better to cover your body and the basin by a big vinyl wrapping cloth or bag.

If the water turns cool, add hot water. Soak your waist for about 20 to 30 minutes until Daikon Hiba water warms your body up. It is better to do this hip bath before you sleep every night.

OSHIMA Camellia Hair Oil

This is a 100% natural hair oil made from camellia without additives such as fragrances or colourings. Camellia oil is an oil, which has the most of the main component of the human sebum, "triglyceride oleic acid" in natural world. It is recommended for people who have weak skin. It protects your hair from UV rays and the heat of driers, and gives lovely gloss and moisture to your hair.

"OSHIMA" Camellia Hair Oil

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