Beddings & Clothing

Our heart to offer consumer products with safety before all;That's where we started.

Sleep is important. However, do you spend enough time to select your beddings,thought you really don't let others look at your sleeping habits? As we consider about the functionality of beddings, we are pursuing what we can do to bequeath beautiful environment on our planet for subsequent generations. We offer safe products to reduce negative influence of the use of harmful chemicals on ecosystem including us, the human life, aquatic and soil organism.

Awarded in...
(HEART Co., Ltd.) products
  • Organic Down, Cotton, Wool, Beddings
  • Organic Cotton Blanket, Towel ...etc
  • Absolutely safe goods for adorable babies!
  • Organic Cotton Underwear (loose-bodied type)

Certified as Organic with/at international standard

With the result of inspection on procedures from raw materials to finished products by internationally recognized certification organization (Ecocert-QAI Japan) and on-site inspection of production procedures of manufacturing, storage and transportation by the inspection organization, our products are certified as organic that any agrichemicals or harmful chemicals have never been used. They are "Real Organic Products" with its origin of raw materials and production records are credible.

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