Japanese Beans & Grains

Azuki Beans (Red Beans)

Azuki beans have high-quality proteins, vitamin B1, B2 and a lot of fibre. Especially, they can give you a feeling of fullness as they contain insoluble fibres, which do not melt in water, so they can avoid that one overeats on a diet and are also effective for constipation. In addition, the skins of Azuki beans contain "saponin", which is effective for promoting circulation of blood.

Black Beans

These beans belong to the soybean family. The source substance of blackness is a dye called "anthocyanin". It is a kind of polyphenol, which is also famous for being contained in blueberries. It is not too much to say that black beans are the most health food, as they combine a high nutrition value and the effectiveness of "anthocyanin".

Black Sesame & White sesame

Sesame has been known as a highly nutritional and fine food and "secret elixir of perennial youth and long life" down through the ages. Sesame contains the antioxidant, called "Goma (=sesame) - lignan" in Japanese, which is contained only in sesame. Goma-lignan reduces aging, and is considered effective for preventing cancer. "Goma-lignan", a type of lignan, contains sesamin , episesamin , sesamolin, sesamin ol and sesamole. Especially sesamin ol, has a strong antioxidative property, is said to control the oxidization of cholesterol and protects the arteries from hardening. You can use sesame for various cookings, such as seasoning, cakes, cookies...etc.

Pearl Barley

Well-balanced nutritious grain, pearl barley which is called HATOMUGI in Japanese, is very rich in protein, iron, vitamin B1, B2, and fiber. It really affects your skin and beauty. Hatomugi is a medicinal grain that has been prized as a nutritious and strengthening food since ancient times. Hatomugi's medicinal uses are wart removal, strengthening the stomach, stimulating the excretion of urine, combating beriberi, dropsy, rheumatism, neuralgia, etc. Hatomugi-cha is a delicious way of drinking Hatomugi. Though it has medicinal properties, it is also a satisfying beverage. We can recommend it for prolonged daily consumption.

Sweet Millet

Sweet millet contains a lot of zinc and is effective for troubles of the skin. Sweet millet has a sticky texture and plenty of body. It can be enjoyed by both your tongue and eyes, as it turns bright yellow after cooking. It is one of the minor grains, which have attracted widespread popularity since ancient times, and it has a distinctive bitterness and delicate sweetness. It contains 3 times as much fibre, twice as much calcium and twice as much quality protein as white rice. It also contains rich minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium and zinc. Especially, vitamin B1 and B2 of sweet millet help the metabolism of sugar and they are effective for lifestyle diseases prevention. You can use sweet millet as staple food, healthy cooking, and the ingredients of sweets.

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