Vinegar in Japan = Rice Vinegar

There’re about 4000 kinds of vinegar in the world as any alcohol can be turned into vinegar. The vinegar used most often in a particular country is always made from the most popular alcohol from that country. In the case of Japan, it is rice vinegar made from Japanese Sake. It has umami flavor, delicate sweetness and pleasant and rounded aroma that is common with sake.


This is the principle of our organic rice vinegar supplier, Uchibori Vinegar.INC., who has been dedicated to brewing vinegar for more than 140 years. They believe good vinegar can only be made from good sake. Thus, they closely pay attention not only to the fermenting and aging process, but to every element of sake brewing, including the ingredients and the environment around the facility.

Rice Vinegar in Washoku

Rice vinegar is best suitable for Washoku or Japanese cuisine. Especially, it pairs well with rice since it’s made of rice. Sushi chefs in Japan use rice vinegar to make their own sushi rice to create the best balance of sourness, sweetness and saltiness. To enjoy the special aroma and subtle sweet taste of rice vinegar, use it for sushi rice, marinade or salad dressings.

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