Certified Gluten-Free Soy Sauce with full bodied flavor of Umami from whole soybeans

Made in Japan

Authentically produced by soy sauce manufacturer with more than a 240-year history.

9 months of aging period at natural temperature

Delicately and slowly matured for 9 months for the distinctive rich aroma and mild taste without added yeasts or enzymes or controlled temperature to haste fermenting process.

Carefully selected ingredients

Organic Whole Soybeans best suited for Tamari responsibly sourced by MUSO.

Well balanced taste

Our Organic Tamari’s taste can be best described as well-balanced compared to other organic tamaris in the market. It is perfect for household use to professional use or as an ingredient of organic and gluten free products.

Available in various packaging

To be friendly to any type of business, it is available in various packaging from retail bottles to 1000L.
(200ml / 300ml / 20Ltr BIB / 200Ltr Plastic Drum / 1000Ltr IBC)

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