Comments about SHABONDAMA SOAP form the Consumers

Personal Use


I think the static electricity of chemical fibers and fleece has decreased. I do not need bleach any more, as darkening and black molds in the laundry sink were visibly decreased. I have worried about the smell of chemicals for wool and blankets washed by cleaning. Now I am happy that I can wash these clothes by EM laundry soap powder in my house.

#SB03 EM powder Laundry Soap (1kg)


The slime of drain in the kitchen has decreased. In addition, the sink and dishes have a shiny new gloss. Even if I handle fish with my hands, the smell of fish can come off if I wash my hands by EM SOAP. There is no smell left in the grill net or dishes. The build up of burnt deposit attached to the grill net for a long time has been cleaned off.

#SB02 EM Kitchen Soap (110g)


I washed my hair with SHABONDAMA EM soap for the first time. For the first 2 or 3 days, I did not feel comfortable using the soap, however, I got used to it a week later. I am surprised how good my hair feels by using the soap. My 3-year-old daughter has sensitive skin and used to get eczema or very dry skin. However, after she started to use SHABONDAMA EM SOAP, the symptoms stopped.

My dogs hate shampoo but do not mind SHABONDAMA EM SOAP, rather, they look comfortable being washed with it. SHABONDAMA EM SOAP is also effective for freshening dog's odor.

#SB01 EM Bath Soap (100g)

Business Use


I am very happy to know this kind of soap is produced, so I started to use the soap in my school straight off. I think this soap can be a good educational material for students.


Household wastewater is a big issue for us, as we depend on water directly. I would like to inform fisheries everywhere in Japan about the soap. I would like everybody in Japan to use SHABONDAMA EM SOAP.

Residential Care House

The dry skin of elderly people has become moist and smooth little by little. EM soap lead the promotion of operation efficiency, as the staff who often had skin problems of their after bathing elderly people showed remarkable improvement.

Pure Plant Bath Soap #SB18 (100g) / #SB19 (155g)


Dry-cleaning is the mainstream of laundry. However, it has recently been criticized for harming the environment, as the solvent used for dry-cleaning is toxic. The owner of Hakueisha Co., a laundromat in Tokyo, who changed from dry-cleaning to wet-cleaning by 90% from early on said, "I tried several soaps, and found that SHABONDAMA was the best in detergency because of the softened clothes and the odor. The whiteness of shirt washed by SHABONDAMA SOAP was completely different from the shirt washed by the other soaps. I could see the real whiteness of cotton. Our clients were also delighted at the softness of their clothes." Hakueisha receives laundries from people who suffer from chemical sensitivity or allergies all over Japan by door-to-door service everyday.

Hijiki salad with ume Hijiki and roasted soy bean rice

#SB20 (1kg) / #SB21 (2.1kg)

#SB22 (10kg)

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