There is a unique nonprofit organization in Hiroshima, Japan, called "Seto Inland Sea Environmental Revival Committee", who works on purifying a wide range of the polluted Seto Inland Sea with academic, business, government and social circles.

The trigger of the birth of EM SOAP was that a member of the committee visited SHABONDAMA SOAP, and appealed, "Please produce SHABONDAMA SOAP containing EM. If you make it, rivers and oceans can be purified definitely by EM SOAP. Water can be revived, and soil can be revived."

SHABONDAMA SOAP has stepped up the efforts to popularize soap that does not pollute water. Moreover, SHABONDAMA SOAP thought there was a possibility that EM SOAP could clean up rivers and oceans if they produced EM SOAP, and people domestically could use EM SOAP in the home and pour it into all the drains in laundry machines, kitchens, bathrooms...etc. Household wastewater, which is the source of contamination, can be the source of purification. That is why; SHABONDAMA SOAP started to develop soap, which can help cleanse the environment.

Thus, SHABONDAMA SOAP developed EM bath soap and kitchen accessories, which are easy to incorporate into a natural and ecological life. The EM SOAP series can be used by people who have sensitive skin, and to prevent mildew stains in bathrooms. In addition, it can clean up the environment.


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