About SHABONDAMA SOAP CO., LTD & Environmental Efforts


SHABONDAMA Soap Co., Ltd is started to produce natural soap to protect people's health and clean water more than 30 years ago. The soap we are proud of is produced by the saponification method using soap kettles for taking time for about 1 week to 10 days. The soap is moist and smooth as it keeps moisture of natural ingredients. Meanwhile, there is a neutralization method to produce soap only for 4 to 5 hours by other companies. This soap can give you skin tightness, as a component of moisture, glycerin is taken out from fat and oil. In addition, there are a lot of soaps, which contain too many additives to cover poorness of the quality.

SHABONDAMA soap is real natural soap. The craftsmen check the condition of Shabondama Soap by licking. This can be done because Shabondama Soap is real natural. Shabondama Soap can be used at ease from babies to elderly people.

Environmental Efforts

Shabondama has produced good quality products for health and environment as a theme. As the continuation, Shabondama has obtained ISO 14001 certification for improving environmental impact, such as the reduction of wastes and electric powder consumption…etc. since 1998.





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