Green Pea & Mungbean Chips

Green Peas are well known for their high nutritional value including Vitamin A and Iron. Muso's Organic Green Pea Chips bring vitamins and other healthy nutrients as a convenient and delicious snack food.

Muso's Green Pea Chips are simply made by baking organic green peas. This natural baking process makes light and crisp chips that retains all of the natural flavor and goodness - without oil! Muso's Organic Green Pea Chips provide children and a wide variety health conscious people with a nutritious snack alternative.

Muso launched Organic Green Pea Chips this year in Japan. After just a short time, Muso is proud to say these new Organic Green Pea Chips sell as well as the sister product "Organic Mung Bean Chips!

Please try and enjoy these terrific new organic Green Pea Chips from Muso!

Green Pea Chips
Mungbean Chips
Ingredients: Organic Green Pea, Sea Salt
Ingredients: Organic Mungbean, Sea Salt
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