Arame (Eisenia Bicyclis)

It is a perennial sea vegetable in the Kombu family ranging in length from 20 cm to 1 m. It grows by adhering to rocks in low tide and a little deeper area. It is gathered in July and August when the leaves become the thickest. Arame is a special product of Ise-shima area. Since its original taste is bitter, steam boiling is used to remove its bitterness. Arame is precut in small pieces, so that it is easier for consumer use. It is rich in iodine, which builds thyroid hormones and accelerates metabolism.

It is important for Hijiki, Wakame, Arame and Kombu to choose a place that is well ventilated and exposed to ample sunshine. By drying sea vegetables, not only the nutritional value of vitamins and minerals increase but the flavor is also enriched. Moreover, the vitamins and amino acids become hard to break by absorbing the natural sunlight. MUSO strongly adheres to the old tradition and effectiveness of naturally sun drying.

Since ancient times, Arame has been considered a specialty in the Ise-shima region. As for its cooking styles, Arame is used as a side dish for seasonal seafood, steamed dishes, vinegared dishes, and other various dishes. Arame is also congenial to oil; therefore, it is also suited for fried dishes. Wash with water thoroughly, soak in water, and it is ready to be used. The soaking water turns brown; it is Arame's nutritional substance, iodine. In the Ise-shima region, some people use the brown water in which iodine is dissolved for bathing. It is said to make the skin smoother.

Harvested Arame

Arame Salad


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