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Rice Vinegar

MUSO's Brown Rice Vinegar is made in the pristine countryside of central Japan. Most commercial rice vinegar is made by pounding crushed rice. On the other hand, MUSO's main product, "Organic Brown Rice Vinegar", is made from whole organic brown rice, high quality natural water, and Koji. There is no alcohol or sugar added as in commercial vinegar.

MUSO's Brown Rice vinegar is still made by traditional manufacturing processes. Sake is first made from organically grown brown rice, and then fermented for a long time under strict quality control to make Brown Rice Vinegar. MUSO's long brewed Brown Rice Vinegar contains about 90 organic components and amino acids. It is characterized not only by its high nutritional value but also by its fruity aroma and lightly acidic flavor. Using generous amounts of Koji harmonizes a softer sweetness in the Brown Rice Vinegar. Alcohol content is about 4.5%. It can be used for various dishes such as dressings, marinades, pickles, sushi rice, and more.

MUSO's Sweet Brown Rice Vinegar is made from glutinous brown rice, natural water, and Koji-Seed. It takes about 500 days in wooden kegs to mature, using traditional manufacturing methods handed down for generations. MUSO's Sweet Brown Rice Vinegar is spotlighted as a healthy product because of its rich mineral content. It is generally used as cooking vinegar, but is also popularly considered a healthy drink. Many people drink it with honey.

Plum Vinegar

Plum vinegar is a by-product of pickled plums (Umeboshi). During the pickling process, the plum vinegar is naturally produced. It is the liquid that rises after salt-soaked Japanese plums are pressed with stone weights. Although it is called plum vinegar, it is not true vinegar. Unlike Brown Rice Vinegar, there is no acetic acid but plenty of citric acid dissolved in the plum vinegar, lending it a relatively strong sourness. With the function of citric acid, plum vinegar is effective for increasing appetite, suppressing the increase of food poisoning bacteria, absorption of minerals such as calcium, and recovering from tiredness. It also contains a large amount of beneficial substances such as pectin and polyphenol. Its main substances are citric and malic acids as well as amino acid and sugar. It is especially popular as a healthy drink for people who are weary from the heat of summer. It is suitable for French and Italian cooking as well as salad dressings and marinades. As a substitute for Brown Rice Vinegar, it can also be used for sushi rice and in pickling radish, cucumber, and other vegetables.

Yuzu su (Japanese Citrus Vinegar)

MUSO's Japanese Citrus Vinegar is made from a plethora of natural citrus juice, which is characterized for its citric acid. Like plum vinegar, the main ingredient is citric acid; thus, there is little acetic acid. Unlike Brown Rice Vinegar, it has a smooth and refreshing flavor. In cooking, you can add a few drops of Japanese Citrus Vinegar in the same way as regular vinegar dishes. It is also enjoyed by adding it to water with syrup to make natural drink. You can also enjoy it by adding it to carbonated water.


MUSO's Ponzu is made from the highest quality selected ingredients. It uses an abundance of yuzu and sudachi citrus fruits that are produced in Tokushima prefecture, famous for its high standards of quality. These citrus fruits are cultivated with neither agricultural chemicals nor chemical fertilizers and are juiced by hand. They contain activated vitamin C, citric acid. The Shoyu used is made from long-brewed whole soybeans. The vinegar is genuine rice vinegar made from rice and Koji and is alcohol-free. The mirin used is made from glutinous rice, Koji, and distilled spirits by a natural, traditional manufacturing process. The broth is made from the highest quality kombu and shiitake mushroom. Neither artificial additives nor chemical seasonings are included in Ponzu. Therefore, MUSO's Ponzu is not only excellent for your body, but also has a wonderful flavor and aroma provided by the finest quality natural ingredients. Add a few drops of MUSO's Ponzu into drinks or dishes, and you can quickly recover from the weariness of summer heat. It is often used for salad dressings, sushi, tempura broth, etc.


"OYAMA" Brown rice vinegar

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