Effectiveness of Vinegar

In order to maintain our ideal health condition, it is important to maintain an alkaline blood condition. However, due to our modern lifestyle, there are many elements such as stress, modern eating habits and poor environment that contribute in making our physical constitution acidic. If our blood becomes too acidic, we become susceptible to illness. Since acidic blood is very thick, it becomes difficult for the blood to circulate completely to our body's extremities. It may cause high blood pressure and increased cholesterol. However, vinegar has a strong purifying effect on the blood; it helps change our acidic blood to alkalized blood. It is scientifically proven to activate cell function and regulate blood flow, a process referred to as the 'citric acid cycle'.

Recovering from tiredness

Vinegar has an abundance of organic acid which includes citric acid, malic acid, acetic acid and succinic acid. These organic acids stimulate metabolism, which improves and maintains a healthy blood condition. The reason is that the citric acid cycle, the basic structure for producing our necessary energy, contains organic acid.

Strengthening bones

Vinegar activates the secretion of gastric acid. This gastric acid helps absorb calcium. Vinegar also softens hard ingredients such as vegetables, fish, meat, etc., as well as bones and makes them more easily absorbed (Use vinegar for boiling small fish, and its bones will be softer).

Keeping foods fresh for a longer period

Vinegar has been used not only for adding taste but also for the sterilization of foods. Using vinegar for sushi rice, dressing, frying eggs, etc., they prolong the freshness during hot summer days. With vinegar's sterilizing effect, one can avoid catching cold by gurgling with vinegar water. Also, vinegar prevents ringworm virus from increasing, which is effective in athlete's foot.

Prevention of lame hips and stiff shoulders

Upon moving the body, the citric acid cycle is activated and dissipates organic acid. With a lack of organic acid, the citric acid cycle does not work well. Lactic acid and fatigue tends to accumulate. This lactic acid combines with the protein in the shoulders and makes our shoulders stiff. If this lactic acid accumulates in the hips, it causes lame hips. Vinegar, however, functions to break the lactic acid into water and carbonated gas. In other words, it is important that we include in our diet, vinegar that has a lot of organic acid which will help prevent lame hips and stiff shoulders.

Prevention of arteriosclerosis and heart problems

Taking vinegar helps purify blood and decrease low-density lipoprotein. Therefore, it is effective in preventing arterio-sclerosis and heart problems.

Accelerating digestion and recovering from constipation

The smell, flavor, and components of vinegar stimulate the nerves of the digestive organs. It enhances digestion and absorption of foods, stimulates the intestines, cleanses the intestines, and aids recovery from constipation and hemorrhoids.


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