The Difference Between MUSO's and Commercialized Vinegar

Vinegar is usually divided into several types according to the manufacturing process. Today there are many kinds of vinegars on the market that are commercially produced using cost and production rate effectiveness. Although they are called "100% brewed vinegar," alcoholic vinegar is many of them are made from using qualified, already made brewed alcohol and sake lees.

With the regulations established in 1970, the government allows to use the term of "rice vinegar " by the inclusion of more than 40g of sake lees for 1litre of vinegar instead of rice itself, and allows the use of qualified brewage alcohol. Synthetic vinegar is made by adding water, sugar, organic acid, seasonings and salt. Therefore, many of the commercial rice vinegars differ from MUSO's rice vinegars which are brewed traditionally, which are made using only rice, Koji, and water.


"OYAMA" Brown rice vinegar

Muso Organic brown rice vinegar

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