How MUSO's Brown Rice Vinegar is Made

Since rice vinegar is made from sake, sake is made in the first fermentation process and vinegar is made in the second fermentation process called "acetic acid fermentation" by Acetobacter.

The first fermentation

Steamed rice, Koji and water are combined. Over time the glucose in the grain disintegrates, forming saccharified Moromi. A live enzyme called "shubo" is added which changes the sugar into alcohol. This process takes one month.

The second fermentation

Sake is mixed with seed vinegar (rice vinegar with pure Acetobacter) and heated to grow Acetobacter's membrane. Rice vinegar takes two weeks to complete its fermentation.


Aged for one year


Pasteurized with heat (60Z)


"OYAMA" Brown rice vinegar

Muso Organic brown rice vinegar

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