MUSO's Products

Sesame Oil "Taihaku"

Selected high quality white sesame seeds are not roasted but squeezed by pressing with low heat in order to maintain the original sweetness of the seed. Its flat color and aroma make it perfect for tempura and frying dishes. With sesame oil "Taihaku" in cooking, one can avoid heaviness in the stomach and heartburn from overeating.

Cold-Pressed Toasted Sesame Oil

Specially selected high quality sesame seeds are roasted, pressed, and filtered. MUSO's genuine sesame oil is made into thick and rich tasting oil by quickly roasting the seeds at high temperature. It is excellent for use in Oriental cooking, meat dishes, soups, Asian style salads, etc.

Hot Sesame (Toasted Sesame Oil with Chili Powder)

The highest quality sesame seeds are pressed to extract their genuine oil. Then just the right amount of chili pepper is added to make delicious spicy oil. It adds zest to soups, salads and noodle dishes especially.

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