Effectiveness of Sesame Oil

Pressed sesame oil contains a rich amount of unsaturated fats (42% being linoleic acid), vitamin E, amino acid, and minerals. The effectiveness of sesame seeds are even further enhanced once ground.

Prevention of Arteriosclerosis

42% of lipids contained in sesame are an unsaturated fatty acid called linoleic acid. Taking an appropriate amount of unsaturated fatty acid helps decrease blood cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. This substance cannot be produced by our bodies but must be taken from foods.

Prevention of Aging

Sesame contains not only a rich amount of vitamin E, but also other antioxidants such as tryptophan. These are unique substances only found in sesame. The deoxidization effect of these substances helps prevent the aging of cells and maintains youth. Sesame oil can therefore be kept longer and has a fuller body in comparison with other cooking oils.

Enhancing the Liver Function

Sesame protein is considered higher in quality and dignity than soy protein. Protein is made from 20 kinds of amino acids. Of the 20 amino acids, sesame contains 18, 9 of which have a superior nutritional content than those of soy protein, especially methionine. Methionine activates liver function, which promotes a high metabolism rate.

Strengthening bones, Prevention of anemia, Calming irritation

Sesame contains a plethora of minerals, especially calcium. 100g of sesame contains 1200mg of calcium, which is equivalent to one small fish. The calcium and magnesium in sesame strengthens bones and improves bone structure and can cause stimulation of nerves and palpitation when lacking.

Other Effects

The effect of linoleic acid is countless, to name but a few, cancer prevention, prevention of hangover, prevention of high blood pressure, nourishment and robustness, tired eyes, hair growing, activation of cell function and constipation is expected.

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