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Nigari is a by-product of manufacturing salt from seawater. Its main constituent is magnesium chloride. It is used to coagulate soymilk, beautifully forming any style of tofu and is far superior to calcium sulfate (often used as a solidifier in tofu production).

Our nigari brings out the natural sweetness of soybeans and naturally allows the tofu to maintain its firm shape and flavor. Using nigari also creates a softer tofu skin with a sweeter flavor. Such tofu can be eaten by itself or used in miso soup, sukiyaki, salad, and can also be used for frying. MUSO provides various nigari products such as Nigari Flake, "Yoshikawa" Nigari Flake Neoex, and "Yoshikawa" Natural Nigari Powder.

Natural Sea Salt "Hakata-no-Shio"

MUSO's Natural Sea Salt "Hakata-no-Shio" is made from seawater from Australia and Mexico. It is the best sea salt for cooking with the right amount of Nigari (mineral) and contains no artificial additives or colorings. The natural salt is crystallized by the sun's heat and the wind, and dissolved with ground water on Hakata island to remove refuse.

MUSO's Natural Sea Salt "Hakata-no-Shio" is naturally dried to preserve the precious nutrients of seawater. Most commercialized salt, however, is ion exchanged salt containing more than 99% NaCl with little minerals. By using MUSO's Natural Sea Salt "Hakata-no-Shio" in cooking, dishes such as soup, steamed dishes, frying dishes, etc., they will have a deeper level of delicate flavors. It is excellent for sea salt bath and pickle making as well.


Muso's Nigari flake

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