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Hatcho Miso

Hatcho miso is a type of soybean miso, which is made from selected whole soybeans. It contains beneficial bacteria that help our body strengthen our intestine, liver, and aids our body in detoxification. MUSO's Hatcho miso is manufactured using the same methods developed many centuries ago. Selected, quality whole soybeans are fermented in cedar kegs, with over 5 tons of pyramid shaped stones, equivalent to the weight of the miso, placed on top of the kegs, which are aged for about 3 years. Hatcho miso has its own special characteristics and taste. Not only can Hatcho miso be used by itself, but it is often blended with other Misos to improve the flavor and characteristics of the other miso. Hatcho miso is often used for miso soup as well as dipping sauce.

Mame Miso

Mamemiso is Miso made from soybeans. It is said to be one of the most primitive fermented Japanese foods. It goes through one year fermentation process in old kegs made from Akita (a northern part of Japan) cedar to have the traditional taste. Mamemiso goes along with all type of meals having mild taste. Without heat treatment process, lactic acid bacteria and yeast is active, helping our body.

Barley (Mugi) Miso

MUSO's Barley Miso comes from a family owned miso company with over 60 years experience using traditional methods. Barley miso begins its processing in the coldest part of the winter season with fermentation beginning quietly in the spring, and the peak fermentation occurring during the rainy season of summer when the humidity and the temperature are at its peak. As the fermentation settles down during the coolness of the fall season, the Miso's taste and aroma are brought to perfection.

Rice (Kome) Miso

Rice miso is made from rice Koji. MUSO's rice miso is made from local clear water, highest quality soybeans and rice. This miso is fermented in a warm climate for at least a year. It is the most common type of miso and is used for various purposes such as miso soup, sauce, dressing, spreads, and many other uses.

Brown Rice (Genmai) Miso

Brown rice miso is a type of rice miso that is made from brown rice. Due to the natural food movement, brown rice miso is more popular overseas. Since the rice used in brown rice miso still contains the bran, this miso has a higher nutritional value and is much healthier than regular rice miso. Since rice miso contains 2-3 times more fat, fiber, and ash than other rice Misos, it helps the body function better. The taste of the brown rice miso is also deeper. As the health benefits become known, it is expected that brown rice miso will also gain in popularity in the domestic market as well as the overseas market.



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