Effectiveness of Miso

Miso, for many, many years has been called" a doctor killer." Through the many years of use, people have recognized that miso is an invaluable daily part of a long healthy life. Today miso is gaining worldwide recognition as a healthy food.

Soybean Protein and Heart Problems

Soybean, the main ingredient of miso, is rich in protein, but is difficult and time consuming on to digest. In miso, the soybean protein is disintegrated into amino acids during the fermentation making the soy protein, not only making the soy protein easy to digest, but actually aiding and rebuilding the digestive system. In October 1999, American FDA (Food & Drug Administration) announced that soybean protein is effective in reducing the risk of heart problems. Thus taking a relative amount of soybean protein is effective in reducing cholesterol and preventing heart problems. Miso is the most healthful and easiest way we can assimilate soy protein.

Miso and Radioactivity

During 1945 in Nagasaki, Japan, the doctors, patients, and staff who were working at the hospital during the atomic-bombing drank miso soup with sea vegetables everyday. These people who adhered to this diet did not suffer from radiation poisoning. After the Chernobyl accident, even though a large amount of miso was exported to Europe, the demand for miso outstripped the availability. According to research, miso accelerates the discharge of radioactive substances from the body and also HEMF, the anti-oxidation substance that is included in the aroma of miso, suppresses the cancerous cells caused by radioactivity.

Vitamin B's and Cigarette Toxins

An old saying, "miso soup is for heavy smokers," has been handed down from generation to generation. The origin goes back to the 17th century when people found out that pipes contaminated by nicotine are cleaned by streaming miso soup inside the pipes. Cold and hot water, on the other hand, did not have the same level of effect. Also vitamin B's in miso help discharge harmful substances from tobacco and also helps to protect the throat.

Saponin, High Blood Pressure and Arteriosclerosis

In the manufacturing of miso, the whole soybean along with the skin is used. This gives miso the added benefit of substances such as Saponin, linoleic acid, lecithin which help to dissolve cholesterol adhered to blood vessels; therefore, miso is effective in preventing high blood pressure, high lipid blood plasma, and high blood pressure.

Other nutrients and their effectiveness

Protein from Soybeans reduces blood cholesterol; maintain elasticity of blood vessels; prevent cerebral apoplexy. Vitamin B2 from Aspergillus promotes oxidization reduction in the body. Vitamin B12 from Koji-Seed helps blood formation; reduce mental fatigue. Vitamin E from Soybeans inhibits generation of lipid peroxide; anti-aging. Enzymes from Koji-Seed, yeast, lactic acid bacteria help digestion. Saponin from soybeans Inhibit generation of lipid peroxide; reduce blood cholesterol; prevent hardening of the arteries; prevent hepatopathy. Isoflaviono from Soybeans deoxidization; alleviate stiff neck and shoulders; anti-variant; prevent breast cancer. Colin from Soybeans prevent fatty liver; anti-aging.



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