The Difference Between MUSO's & Commercialized Miso


MUSO uses soybeans, wheat, rice, barley, and sea salt for miso manufacturing which are all natural and grown using organic methods. However, most of the commercial miso today is made from ingredients that are cultivated with chemical fertilizer and agricultural chemical and cost cutting methods of production. By using ingredients that are fresh and harvested in a natural environment, the color, taste, and aroma of the natural ingredients make MUSO's miso unique.

Brewing Length

Most of the commercial miso manufactured today incorporate artificial temperature controls to shorten the aging process and increase the rate of production. However, using this method compromises the quality of the miso, and disrupts the natural, seasonal process of fermentation, resulting in most of the amino acids as well as digestive enzymes not readily available in the commercialized miso. Using this modern method, the commercialized miso also does not possess the taste and aroma found in the naturally produced miso. On the contrary, MUSO's miso is fermented over a year using the natural seasonal ambient fluctuating temperature, resulting in miso which possesses a rich, deep taste and aroma. MUSO's traditional manufacturing process which is handed down from generation to generation using the age old process of fermentation in cedar kegs bring an old, traditional taste to MUSO's miso.

Chemical Additives

In commercially produced miso, it is not unusual for manufacturers to add artificial additives to accelerate the production of their miso. Artificial colorings, MSG and artificial preservatives are also known to be added to the commercial miso to make their miso aesthetically pleasing and flavorful. On the other hand MUSO's very principle was founded on the recognition that the health value of using age old traditional methods for manufacturing of our traditional foods is what maintains our health, so you will never find any kind of artificial additives in any of our products including our miso.



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