Tofu with Kudzu sauce

Sesame Oil


Ingredientsfor six servings


  1. Wrap the tofu with dry cloth or paper towel and place it on a flat tray for 30 minutes to drain water.
  2. Rotate and slice onions. Cut carrots into strips in 3-cm length pieces. Soak dried Shiitake mushroom in water until it becomes soft, and cut it into strips. Cut green peppers into strips and boil lightly.
  3. Warm a pot and add sesame oil. Put in order of dried Shiitake mushroom, onions and carrots in the pot and braise. Add dashi soup and boil thoroughly. Season with salt and Shoyu. Add dissolved Kudzu in water.
  4. Cut tofu into 12pcs, and season with Shoyu.
  5. Powder wheat flour on tofu, and bake it until golden brown with frying pan.
  6. Place 5 in a serving dish, and pour 3 on it. Decorate with green peppers colorfully.

  7. How to make Japanese Dashi

    Ingredients (easy-to-make amount)

    Kombu 10cm (4 in.) square...1 sheet
    water...5 cups



    1. Lightly wipe the kombu with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Do not wash because by so doing, Umami or flavor on the surface of the kombu will be lost.

    2. Quickly grill the kombu to soften, and make cuts against the grain with scissors.

    3. Soak the kombu in water overnight.

    4. Heat up the kombu broth on low heat, and turn the heat off once small bubbles appear.


    Recipe by Seishoku Macrobiotic Association.

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