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Tofu and Hijiki Salad Dressed with Shiro Miso



Ingredientsfor 6 servings


  1. Cut carrots thinly and diagonally. Rinse well and soak Hijiki in enough water to cover it for approx. 20 minutes. (Note: Hijiki will expand 10 times from when it’s dry.) Drain and cut the Hijiki into 2-3cm pieces.
  2. Sauté with sesame oil, carrots and shoyu. Heat up quickly.
  3. Boil Tofu for about 1-2 minutes. Wrap the tofu with dry cloth or paper towel and place it on a flat tray for 30 minutes to drain water.
  4. Boil kidney beans in salted water (add a pinch of salt to water). Slice it thinly and diagonally.
  5. Puree Tofu in a mortar and grind well (or puree in a blender.), and then add Shiro Miso, white sesame paste and puree.
  6. Add Hijiki, carrots and kidney beans to 5 and mix. Place it in a serving dish. Enjoy!

    Recipe by Seishoku Macrobiotic Association.


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