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Marinated Wakame and Sengiri Daikon (Shredded dried daikon radish)

daikon radish wakame kombu
Sesame Oil


Ingredientsfor six servings




  1. Scrub Sengiri daikon and soak in water for 5 minutes lightly. Drain in a sieve, and keep the soaking water.
  2. Sautee 1 with sesame oil, add soaking water to barely cover the Sengiri daikon. Add Kombu and simmer it over low heat with Shoyu.
  3. Rinse dried Wakame and thinly slice. Add to water at a light boil.
  4. Mix shoyu, rice vinegar and Dashi. Marinate 3 with it after removing the heat and mix with chilli.

  5. How to make Japanese Dashi

    Ingredients (easy-to-make amount)

    Kombu 10cm (4 in.) square...1 sheet
    water...5 cups



    1. Lightly wipe the kombu with a damp cloth to remove dirt. Do not wash because by so doing, Umami or flavor on the surface of the kombu will be lost.

    2. Quickly grill the kombu to soften, and make cuts against the grain with scissors.

    3. Soak the kombu in water overnight.

    4. Heat up the kombu broth on low heat, and turn the heat off once small bubbles appear.


    Recipe by Seishoku Macrobiotic Association.


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