Soymilk Mousse

Soy Milk


Ingredients6 servings

  • Soymilk2.5 cup (500cc)
  • Water1/2 cup (100cc)
  • Kuzu powder1/2 cup (100cc)
  • Sweetner if desired
  • Maple syrup
  • Ice cubes


  1. Dissolve kuzu in a bowl of water, add Soymilk and mix well (add sweetner if desired).
  2. Put 1) in a pot and heat over medium-high until it hardens, stiring occasionally. Lower heat and stir faster and constantly for 10 minutes to make smooth cream.
  3. Pour into containers and cool on iced tray.
  4. Drizzle 3)mousse with maple syrup and serve.

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