Carrot Pilaf

Sea Salt


Ingredientsfor 4 to 5 people

  • Minced garlic & Minced ginger a little
  • Onions100g
  • Carrots150g
  • Half-polished brown rice3 cups
  • String beans5
  • Sea salt1 tsp
  • Soy sauce1/2 Tbsp
  • Water3 cups
  • Oil, Parsleymoderate amount


  1. Put oil in a pressure cooker and saute minced garlic and ginger. sp When aroma comes out, add minced onions and keep sauteing.
  2. Cut half of the carrots into 0.5cm cubes and add these to 1 and simmer lightly. sp Grate the rest of the carrots.
  3. Add rice, grated carrots, sliced string beans (0.5cm), sea salt, shoyu and water. sp Then, pressure-cook for 3 minutes and let it steam.
  4. Put 3 into a mold to make a dome shape, and place it back on the plate. sp Add parsley for decoration.

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