Macrobiotic cooking guidebook in English Macrobiotic the first step

"SEISHOKU" (literally means "right food") is Japanese macrobiotic, meaning to live healthy and happy in harmony with nature based on the traditional Japanese diet. For many people, macrobiotic cooking sounds complicated and time-consuming unless knowing the peculiar ingredients, special tools and tips for cooking Japanese food. This book, the original Japanese version was edited by Seishoku Kyokai (Macrobiotic Association in Osaka), provides very basic but essential information so that you can enjoy macrobiotic cooking at home and help yourself and your precious family and friends to keep healthy physically and spiritually. For instance, this book contains the following contents you may want to know:


- How to use Japanese knives and its cutting variation (see page 8 -10)

- About Mushi-ni (braising), the secret process to make food taste better (see page 34)


- How to blend different miso depending on season (see page 35)


- How to make dashi stock, not from instant dashi powder (see page 41)

For those who would like to review the basics of macrobiotic cooking and for young generation that knows little about macrobiotic but interested in being healthy by the power of food as well as respecting the nature and tradition, this is the right book to recommend.  
Macrobiotic the First Step
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