About MUSO

The MUSO Group is founded on the principles of Macrobiotics

MUSO, founded on the principles of Macrobiotics, was originally established 30 years ago by Shuzo Okada (the father of Yuko Okada and current president of MUSO Co.,Ltd. International). Before establishing MUSO, Shuzo Okada had been the director for 20 years of the "Shokuyo Shinsei-kai"(Macrobiotic Association) in Sakai city, Osaka.

Macrobiotic Principles are essential to MUSO's identity

The MUSO Group is composed of the domestic distribution division, the Macrobiotic foods manufacturing division, the educational division, and MUSO Co.,Ltd.(International). Because the MUSO Group was founded on the principles of Macrobiotics, our commitment to quality and integrity will never be compromised, regardless of the scale or size of our entire organization.

Macrobiotics is not a fad or trend,it's a fundamental and traditional way of living

Many people think of Macrobiotics as a radical theory or an extreme diet. However this is not accurate. Some people think the practice of Macrobiotics is simply a trend. But Macrobiotics is not a fad or trend, it's a basic traditional way of living, providing fundamental principles of how to live in harmony with nature.

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