The History

George Ohsawa, the originator
of the MUSO Principle

Geroge Ohsawa

George Ohsawa, the founder of the unique "MUSO principle," devoted his life to promoting the "MUSO principle" throughout the world. Many of his students are still actively teaching and promoting the "MUSO principle."

Shuzo Okada, the founder of MUSO

Shuzo Okada

George Ohsawa, who was also the teacher of Michio Kushi, Herman Aihara, and others, introduced Shuzo Okada to Macrobiotics in his late 20s. When many of Mr. Ohsawa's students left Japan to teach Macrobiotics, Mr. Ohsawa encouraged Shuzo to teach Macrobiotics in the Osaka area. Thus Shuzo became the leader of the Macrobiotic Association in Osaka.

Macrobiotic Association

The center of the MUSO Group is Seishoku Kyokai, the Macrobiotic Association, which sponsors a variety of activities, including lectures, publications (monthly magazine and books), and cooking classes. In addition, the Association is devoted to establishing working relationships with medical doctors and scholars who share macrobiotic ideals.

Shuzo Okada, who founded the macrobiotic Association in Osaka, established the founding principles of MUSO under the statement of "Food is the Foundation of life".
Established MUSO Co., Ltd. at Tennoji district in Osaka with Capital of 1 million yen.
To share Shuzo Okada's vision, we began the export of traditional Japanese natural foods such as Shoyu, Miso, and Sea vegetables to other countries.
Introduced soymilk into the American and Australian markets while establishing additional contracted organic soybean farms in the United States.
Established joint venture Soymilk Manufacturing facility in the United States.
Export department became an independent division, established as MUSO., Ltd.
(International) with capital of 10 million yen.
Obtained organic certification by OCIA, Organic Crop Improvement Association.
1989 .1990
Ryoko Okada held Macrobiotic Cooking Classes at various cities in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Netherlands.
Yuko Okada, the president of MUSO Co., Ltd. was presented with the "Heart in Business" award for his many years of dedication to the growth of the natural food industry and organic foods movement in the North America.
Developed contracted organic farm for soybeans and other organic crops centering undeveloped zone in China.
MUSO constructed its own office building and re-located into this new facility at the current address in Osaka. Established a joint venture soy bean cleaning plant with a Chinese company in Dalian, China. Obtained organic certification by JONA, Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association.
Obtained organic certification by Ecocert according to EC regulation 2092/91 for EU market..
Helped establish organic farms in China.
Obtained JAS organic certification for category of importer by JONA.
Obtained organic certifications by OCIA and Ecocert according to NOP, National Organic Program for US market.
Obtained JAS organic certification for category of repacker by JONA.
Celebrated the 20th anniversary of the founding of MUSO Co., Ltd.
Established a division of MUSO Co. Inc. in San Diego, CA, USA.
Got certified ISO 22000 by BSI (British Standards Institution).
The scope of the certification is wholesale of organic grains and export of Japanese food products: seasonings, processed food, dried food, pickles, beverage, confectionery, supplement, organic grains
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