Amazake is popular as a winter drink that warms our bodies. The history of Amazake goes back to the 4th century according to the Chronicles of Japan. Although it is often associated with winter, its season word in Haiku is summer. Years ago when diet was simpler, many people died from the heat of summer. During this period, people started to drink Amazake as a sweet nutritious drink to survive rigorous summers. Because Amazake is made from brown rice Koji, it includes a rich amount of vitamins, essential amino acids, and glucose created by the Koji. Live enzymes in Amazake are also effective in strengthening the digestive system by accelerating appetite and regular elimination. Nutritionally rich Amazake is popular in and out of Japan for young and old alike since it contains no alcohol.

Manufacturing Process

First, brown rice is cleaned and washed, then washed, soaked and steamed. Steamed brown rice is mixed with Koji-seed to make Kome-Koji to ferment. The Kome-Koji is brewed to make Amazake, and packed before pasteurization.

MUSO's Products

MUSO's Amazake is a pure food product made from organic brown rice using traditional manufacturing processes with no sugar or sweetener added. Koji creates a smooth texture and adds natural sweetness. It can be best enjoyed by boiling with twice as much water, cooling it for 2-3 hours, heating it again, and adding a small amount of grounded ginger. Amazake can be enjoyed any number of ways as you would like such as hot in winter, cold in summer, or diluted with carbonated water. MUSO's Amazake is packaged in an easy to use "retort package"; which maintains the original quality for a long time when stored in a cool dark place.

Muso's brown rice amazake

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