Bainiku and Shiso

Bainiku (Umeboshi Paste)

Bainiku, more commonly known as Umeboshi paste, is made by removing ume plum seeds and mashing the meat of the plum. Since it is in paste form, MUSO's bainiku is easier to use as a seasoning in cooking and food preparations. Since the effectiveness of bainiku is similar to Umeboshi, they can be used for similar cooking purposes.

Shiso (Pickled Beefsteak Leaves)

Shiso, also known as perilla or beefsteak leaves, originates from the southern part of China. Shiso was originally used for medicine, but later harvested to produce lamp oil. In the 17th century, shiso was finally harvested for use as a food. It comes in 2 different types: red shiso and green shiso. MUSO uses only red shiso for all of their shiso products. Although it is called red shiso, its original color is a darker, purplish color. This pigment changes to the color red when it comes in contact with acid or air; therefore, the acidity of ume plums helps to turn it red. Shiso leaves and seeds are also used as medicine. Shiso leaves and stems are dried and minced together to make an aromatic stomach regulator used for gaining appetite and sterilizing poisons. As a medicine for cold, it can be taken together with cold medicine for stimulating perspiration. Shiso seeds are effective for soothing coughs such as those associated with asthma. MUSO has made red shiso edible by soaking it in ume plum vinegar. It can be used for wrapping rice balls or minced to sprinkle over salad and pasta. It can also be dried under the sun and minced in small pieces to make a delicious shiso condiment

Bainiku (Umeboshi paste)

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