Plum Extract & Plum Ball

Plum (Ume) Extract

MUSO's Plum Extract is a natural extract made by boiling mashed and filtered Japanese plums over low heat for a long period of time. The squeezed plum juice is boiled down to a thick black paste. It takes 1kg of plums to make only 20g of this plum extract. From this boiling process, the newly found constituent "Mume-fural" is produced in the extract by combining citric acid and the naturally occurring sugar.

Plum Ball (Plum Concentrate with Mountain Yam)

MUSO's plum ball is made from the best quality plums produced in Wakayama prefecture, which is known for their high quality plums. The plums from this region have smaller seeds and are covered with thicker meat than the plums from other regions. The plums are thoroughly boiled down into an extract using the same exact manufacturing process used for over 200 years. Next, Japanese yam powder is kneaded into the concentrated plum in equal parts. In Chinese medicine, the Japanese yam is considered effective for robustness and a strong heart. It also contains nutrients such as the digestive enzyme amylase, muchin, colin, etc. 10 plum balls include 1.2g of plum extract which is equal to 60g of plums. Plum balls make blood more alkaline which removes fatigue and cleanses the intestines with bile.

Plum ball

Plum extract

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