Other Specialities

White Sesame Puree (Tahini)

MUSO's White Sesame Puree is made by first removing the skin of selected white sesame seeds through a chemical-free process, roasting the selected seeds, then kneading them using the same methods handed down for centuries. With its creamy texture and fragrant flavor, White Sesame Puree adds body and flavor to variou

Tekka Miso (Miso & Vegetable Condiment)

MUSO's Tekka Miso is made from Hatcho miso (soybean miso) using organically grown soybeans that are aged for 3 years in a non temperature controlled, natural environment. The highest quality white sesame oil, organically grown burdock, carrot, and lotus root are added to the ingredients.

Tekka Miso has various beneficial effects on the body. Tekka Miso has just the right salinity to help digestion, blood purification, and gaining energy. It is particularly helpful for the people with heart problems, neuralgia, rheumatism, and other similar problems. Although it is called miso, it is not a paste as a true miso, but rather a condiment made from miso. Tekka Miso can be used as condiment for rice, on toast, or by dissolving in hot water to make soup.

Seitan (Wheat gluten cooked with Shoyu)

MUSO's Seitan is made from boiling down vegetable protein (wheat gluten) with traditionally brewed Shoyu for a long time; it uses no animal products. Therefore, it helps prevent obesity and high cholesterol found in animal-based protein products.




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