Mu-Tea (Macrobiotic Herbal Beverage)

MUSO's Mu-tea is made from herbs, most of which are grown in China. Macrobiotic founder, George Ohsawa was the first to blend them into effective mixtures for various diseases. The herbs used in Mu-tea are selected for only the highest quality and maximal effectiveness. Great care is taken to bring out and maintain the original color, flavor, and aroma of the herbs. For today's often stressful lifestyle, MUSO combines various herbs in Mu-tea that promote a strong body resistant to colds, and soothe stomach problems. MUSO offers "Mu-Tea #9" with 9 different herbs and "Mu-Tea #16" with 16 different herbs.

Yansen (Dandelion Root Concentrate)

MUSO's Yansen is an extract made from concentrating the nutritious substances extracted from dandelion root over a 24 hour period. Since dandelion is best grown in cold areas, it is more prevalent in the northern areas. The plants that grow in the north have strong "Yang" nature, particularly the root which grows straight down. The advantage of dandelion is that from the roots to the flower, every part of the plant has medical qualities.

When breaking the leaves or stems, a white liquid emerges. This liquid is effective for swells and abrasions. Also there are substances found in dandelions which help stimulate breast milk.

Dandelion has a slightly bitter flavor which stimulates the stomach and activates digestive function. Dandelion coffee is excellent for heartburn from overeating or over-drinking. The bitterness of dandelion aids in the secretion of digestive fluids from the intestines, promotes bile secretion, and aids in liver functions.

The Chinese have recognized the medicinal quality of the dandelion, particularly the roots, and have used it effectively for centuries in reducing swelling, activating urination, cystitis, jaundice, sterilization against infection and much more. Generally, spring flowers and herbs are effective in breaking down body fat accumulated in winter and conditioning the body to adjust to the summer season. Dishes with MUSO's Yansen help to maintain a strong and healthy body.

Kohren (Lotus Root Beverage)

MUSO's Kohren is a powder made from domestically and organically grown lotus root mixed with ginger powder. MUSO's has taken the lotus root, a member of the water lily family, and made it into a healthy drink product. Lotus root is very strong and hardy. It's been known that lotus seeds which had been buried underground for thousands of years, once planted, grew into healthy plants. The lotus is an amazing plant with inexhaustible life energy.

The medicinal value of lotus root has been widely known for ages; such as strengthening the heart function, adjusting levels of blood pressure, preventing bleeding, enhancing digestion, energizing, and more. Most important, it can have an immediate effect for coughs and phlegm. By drinking lotus root daily, it can strengthen a weak constitution and therefore strengthen resistance to illness.

Lotus Tea is made by dissolving 1-2 teaspoons of MUSO's Kohren in a cup of hot water. For taste and nutritional purpose, salt, Shoyu, ginger juice, or kudzu can be added. When making a kudzu drink, mix Kohren with the kudzu, dissolve in water, and heat over a low heat stirring from time to time (to prevent lumping) until it begins to boil. This then can be simmered for a few more minutes before enjoying.



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