Wasabi is an essential seasoning especially suited for eating Soba noodles and sashimi (raw fish) in Japan. The Wasabi plant belongs to the Cruciferae family. It can only grow in clear calm streams on sandy ground under a temperature of 17Z. Therefore, steep mountains and deep valleys where the temperature stays cool in summer and warm in winter is the best place for Wasabi to grow. Its stern, fresh green smell is its distinctive characteristic. Wasabi has a superior sterilizing effect, dispersing sterilization for poisonous matters in the stomach and intestines.

The spiciness of Wasabi prevents abundantly contained vitamin C from being oxidized, and also stimulates the stomach and intestinal membrane for gaining appetite, which helps increase stamina. Wasabi has also been a valuable item for mold prevention. People used to include a small amount in a bag of easily molded foods.

MUSO makes Wasabi into a powder and paste form for spicy seasoning with a longer shelf life. MUSO's Wasabi powder and Wasabi paste are used for salad dressings, soups, dissolving in soy sauce for sashimi (raw fish) dipping and Soba noodles, etc.

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