MUSO's Shiitake Donko

MUSO's Shiitake Donko is one of the highest ranked, richest tasting shiitake. Donko is a type of shiitake that grows slowly in a cold season. It is gathered when its top is 60-80% opened. Therefore, thick meat with soft texture as well as rich flavor and aroma are generated during the long period of growth.

Dried Donko can be prepared for cooking by soaking in water for about 2 hours while still maintaining Donko's flavor. When soaked, Donko's flavor, aroma, Eritadenin that helps lower blood pressure, vitamins, and other substances are released into the soaking water, therefore it is recommended the soaking water be used in soup, steamed dishes, etc.

It is also believed that drinking over-night soaking water every morning, heated as a tea, helps stabilize blood pressure and decrease cholesterol levels. It is not necessary to bring it to a boil before drinking. Donko can be used as an ingredient in miso soup, steamed vegetables, spaghetti, gratin, omelets, tempura, casserole dishes, etc. Donko's flavor is best matched with kombu for making a delicious broth.

MUSO's Shiitake Products

MUSO's Sliced Shiitake is grown in deep mountainous areas where it absorbs fresh clean air. It is dried under the sun for 4-5 hours. MUSO's Sliced Shiitake contains an abundance of vitamin D2. The gathering, drying and slicing of the shiitake is all done in the same location, thus insuring the quality and consistency of the product. It saves cooking time since it is already sliced.


Whole shiitake donko

Sliced shiitake

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