Ginger, Lotus Root, Bonito Flakes, Koya Tofu

Ginger Root Powder

Ginger is a yearly plant and its habitat is tropical Asia. Ginger has been traditionally used as a perfume and medicinal preparation due to its potentefficacy. Its hot spiciness is due to the component, gingerone, which stimulates perspiration and keeps the body warm. It is a superb cure for cold, coughs, diarrhea and constipation. MUSO's Ginger Root Powder can bring the same effect. To use it, add a little water and mix to make the powder into a pastry texture. You can add a sprinkle of Ginger Root Powder in the Soba noodle broth to flavor the Soba dish. Also, by dipping Sashimi (raw fish) into a lump of ginger paste mixed with soy sauce, the smell of raw fish completely disappears. Ginger Root Powder can be used in countless number of ways to spice up any kind of dish.

Dried Lotus Root, Sliced

MUSO's Dried Lotus Root Slices is made from the lotus roots harvested in Yamaguchi prefecture. The raw lotus roots are washed thoroughly, sliced, and dried to make the product.

Dried Bonito Flakes

Unlike commercialized bonito flakes that are mostly dried with machinery using oil heat, MUSO's Dried Bonito Flakes are dried by traditional drying methods using firewood. This maintains the original flavor and aroma of bonito. Also, MUSO's Dried Bonito Flakes are shaved thicker than commercialized bonito flakes giving them a richer bonito flavor. Dried Bonito Flakes can be dressed with soy sauce and used in rice balls or sprinkled over spaghetti, Udon, Soba, pizza, salads, etc.

Koya Tofu (Freeze-Dried Tofu)

MUSO's Koya Tofu (Freeze-Dried Tofu) is made from organic whole soybeans and manufactured on plateaus surrounded with nature in Nagano prefecture. It contains rich vegetable protein and uses no bleaching agents or preservatives.

Renkon (Lotus root)

Dried Lotus Root (Sliced)

Dried Bonito Flakes

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