Yuba and Koji

Unbleached Yuba (Dried Soy Milk Protein Sheet)

MUSO's Unbleached Yuba is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans. The more one chews it, the more the soybeans' flavor spreads throughout the mouth. Since it uses soybeans that are called "meat of field," MUSO's Unbleached Yuba contains rich vegetable protein, iron, and calcium. Its delicious flavor comes from selected soybeans and clean water that are used for the product. It is used in soup, steamed dishes, or eaten by dipping in soy sauce.

Dried Genmaikoji

MUSO offers Brown Rice (Genmai) Koji made from brown rice and Koji-Seed (Aspergillus). Koji is used to help ferment sake, miso, pickled vegetables, etc., and to add sweetness to those fermented products. Koji bacteria themselves die from mixing with other ingredients, but the enzyme left from Koji becomes the nutrition for lactic acid bacteria and yeast that ferment soybeans and rice. This quality of the Koji determines the quality of fermented products. Brown rice Koji in particular is considered especially healthy for the body because it removes harmful matters from the body and aids digestion. By using MUSO's Koji, the natural flavor of the ingredients is brought out in the finished fermented products.


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