Ita Fu (Flat Gluten Cake)

Fu is a potential source of vegetable protein made from wheat gluten, sifted wheat flour and water. Since gluten is lump of vegetable protein, Fu is highly regarded as the King of Protein Food, Fu are delightful to add in soups and stew and are easily digestible as well.

MUSO's Ita Fu is a highly ranked food product made from whole wheat flour by kneading the main ingredient of wheat protein (gluten), spreading and rolling it out thinly by hand, after which it is roasted. It contains an abundance of vegetable protein and is easily digested. It is useful in a variety of dishes in home cooking.

Zeni Fu (Small Round Gluten Cake)

Zeni means Japanese coin and Zeni Fu is a small dounut-shaped Fu with a diameter of 4 cm.

Kuruma Fu (Large Round Gluten Cake)

MUSO's Kuruma Fu uses no artificial additives, but uses only wheat gluten's expanding nature and is roasted. It is a finely and firmly textured, palatable Fu. Since it contains rich nutrition and digests easily, it is especially recommended for babies, the elderly, and people with illness. MUSO's Kuruma Fu can be soaked in water and boiled down in dishes with plenty of soup.

Zenryu Fu (100% Whole Wheat Gluten Cake)

MUSO's Zenryu Fu uses whole wheat for ingredients and is high in fiber. Since it uses no artificial additives, anyone can safely and comfortably eat it. It does not change shape when boiled, and it is recommended for the elderly.


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