Furikake (Condiments)

Furikake, condiment in Japanese, literary means to sprinkle. The Japanese condiments are eaten as toping on a bowl of rice. Furikake is the mixed powder products of fish, sea vegetables, sesame seeds, salt and others. Tsukudani is also eaten as topping on rice. Tsukudani is made from small fishes, shellfishes and sea vegetables boiled down in soy sauce. It is name after the place called Tsukuda in Tokyo, where it is invented. Both are the essential part of the Japanese diet that goes on the top of rice.

History of Furikake and Tsukudani

In the early 20th century, Mr. Yoshimaru, a pharmacist, invented Furikake. He wanted to find an easy way to supply calcium in the daily diet; that is missing in the most of the Japanese people at that time. First, he grinded the dried small fishes that contains calcium abundantly. Then he added sea vegetables and roasted sesame seeds to complete the Furikake product. His new invention was called "Rice Mate"

Tsukudani is originated around the 17th century. A place called Tsukuda in Tokyo is a small isolated island where it was difficult to access to the source of fresh foods. Therefore they stared to preserve small fishes with salt. Then they used soy sauce for preservation since Tsukuda is close to the place where soy sauce is produced. This food, then, named as Tsukudani, and sold in the city of Edo, the capital city of the Japan.

Effectiveness of Furikake and Tsukudani

As explained, there are various the ingredients in Furikake and Tsukudani. Some of MUSO's Furikake uses Shiso that contains variety of useful components. Lenoleic acid of Shiso changes to eicosapentaenoic acid after consumed in the body, normalizing immunization. This effect helps to improve atopic dermatitis, and allergic reaction. The refreshing flavor of Shiso leaves is caused by Shiso-aldehyde, Limonene and pinene. Shiso-aldehyde has very strong sterilizing effect, helping to avoid food poison. It also helps to secrete digesting enzyme.

MUSO's products

MUSO's condiments has basically three variations; Furikake, Tsukudani and Tekka Miso. Tekka Miso is made from burdock, carrot, lotus root and sesame seeds, mixed with Hatcho Miso. These make perfect match with a bowl of rice



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